Cybersecurity Awareness Month logo over UW–Madison aerial view
Cute character wearing wired headphones pulls the left and right headphone cables apart with text that reads, "Clicking the link in a suspicious email be like: Why did I do that?".

See the Cybersecurity meme contest winners!

#meme winners

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Led by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA), this month raises awareness about digital security and empowers everyone to protect their data online.

Cybersecurity meme contest winners!

We asked folks to use their cybersecurity knowledge to create their own meme for a chance to have it displayed. Here are the winners!

A closed security gate on a road with tire tracks going around it through the grass with text that reads, "Vender default passwords, security level: maximum".
Meme by Erik Meitner
Hat with a rainbow trout that says "Phish fear me" with text that reads, "Catch me wearing this after completing the cybersecurity awareness training course."
Meme by Ben Pettis
I Think You Should Leave, Netflix series character with text that reads, "Email: needs you to reset your password and enter your campus ID number. Me: You sure about that?"
Meme by Ben Pettis
Winnie the Pooh with dull face, password. Winnie the Pooh with sophisticated face, passphrase.
Meme by Nick Heynen

How you can participate

Join us for these activities and learning opportunities throughout October to learn cyber basics.

Line art image of a shield with a laptop

Cybersecurity Awareness training

Training is required for all UW–Madison employees and is available for anyone with a NetID.

Test your cybersecurity knowledge today!

Cybersecurity crossword (PDF)

Put your cyber-sleuthing abilities to the ultimate challenge with this cybersecurity crossword extravaganza!

Cybersecurity scavenger hunt

Search for online clues and discover resources you can use to be more cyber secure.

Line art image of a magnifying glass

Cybersecurity word search (PDF)

Embark on a wordy adventure as you track down essential Cybersecurity terms in the ultimate word search challenge!

4 things you can do

Throughout October, CISA, NCA, and UW–Madison will highlight key action steps that everyone should take: